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2014 – KANYEKANYEDir. Miklas Manneke

A forbidden romance between two township teenagers, Kanyekanye (meaning together) tells the story of a town long divided by a line to mark territories belonging to the red and green camps. Since winning the Baobab, Kanyekanye has gone on to win several festival awards. South Africa | 25 mins 


2013 – When They SleptDir. Maryam Touzani 

Eight year-old Sara lives with her mother, two brothers and her grandfather, Hashem. When Hashem suddenly dies, as women, Sara and her mother are forbidden to spend the night with him before his burial. Whilst her mother reluctantly complies, Sara defies tradition.  Morocco |18 mins 


2012 – Umkhongo | Matthew Jankes

Directed by South African, Matthew Jankes, this fantasy thriller tells the bewitching tale of an orphaned child with supernatural powers who is ‘adopted’ by a violent but empathetic tsotsi from the streets of Johannesburg. Made as part of the Focus Features Africa First programme, this is a daring departure from conventional South African cinema. South Africa | 29 mins 


2011 – Mwansa the Great | Rungano Nyoyi

Zambian director, Rungano Nyoyi’s film Mwansa the Great tells the story of an eight-year-old boy who aspires to be a hero – with unexpected consequences. The gracefully shot film is universal in its exploration of childhood and the power of the imagination, and has already won four international awards. Zambia/UK, 2011 | 23 mins