Image of Film Africa presenter
Director Priscilla Anany receiving her the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2016 Closing Gala at Ciné Lumière (Photos/Ivan Gonzalez)


In 2015 Film Africa introduced a new award – the Film Africa Audience Award for Best Feature Film, as voted by you the audience! The winning filmmaker receives a prize of £1,500 to assist them in their next film project

How does voting work?

Look out for films marked with A_Award_42px All films marked with this symbol are eligible for the Audience Award.

How does voting work?

Voting takes place at the end of each eligible screening at the venue. You will be given a voting card for you to submit your score and hand in to a member of the team. At the end of the festival all scores will be counted and the film with the highest score will be the winner. Nb. scores will be counted in ratio with attendance at the film screening.

How many films am I able to vote for?

You can vote for as many eligible films as you attend!

Past winners

2016 – Children of the MountainDir. Priscilla Anany | Ghana, USA | 101 mins

When her baby is born with disabilities, Essuman is told that she has a ‘dirty womb’. Her partner swiftly leaves, shattering her plans for family life and a good place in rural Ghanaian society. Community superstition grows, with whispers of the child’s deformities being the work of the devil. When Essuman can’t find a cure, her desperation mounts, testing her motherly love. Beautifully shot with a stunning central performance from Rukiyat Masud, Priscilla Anany’s debut is a powerful yet subtle story of female empowerment. 

 Stories of our Lives
2015 – Stories of Our LivesDir. Jim Chuchu | Kenya | 60 mins

This collection of shorts began as an archival project by the Nairobi-based multi-disciplinary Nest Collective, and the testimonies given have been tenderly wrought into funny, endearing – and at times heartbreaking – sketches about the queer experience in Kenya. The quality and imagination on show transcends the predictable but nevertheless disappointing response from the Kenyan Government, who banned it on the grounds of promoting homosexuality. 

What films were in the running in 2016?